A menagerie of airy, dreamy fabrics.

My name is Cheeri, and am the owner of Gossamer Textiles LLC. I live in Chicago, IL with my husband, 14 Blythe dolls, and two dogs.

Although I first learned to sew in high school, I didn't really make sewing an integral part of my life until I took a sewing class at The Needle Shop, which quickly became my happy place. I was hooked on sewing soon after that, realizing most of the time, that the fabric prints inspired me to pick a sewing project.

In 2008, I opened an Etsy shop selling some of my handmade bags, but that lasted for just a hot second :D Looking back, I believe that it just wasn't the right time then, and I wanted to keep growing in my sewing journey. I spent the next few years working at The Needle Shop, and eventually also started teaching sewing classes there. Ahhh, good times!

Now, I've decided to open shop once again, now as Gossamer Textiles. The shop will focus on light, drapey & airy fabrics. I am so enamored by whimsical, ethereal & fantastical prints - - and this shop gives me the perfect venue to share that with you. I tend to select prints which, I like to think Peter Pan would pick, if he was a designer/ dressmaker/ quilter / crafter.

Hope you enjoy, and thank you for visiting!

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